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Billerica auto body shop fixes up van, gifts it to family of five

SOURCE: Erika Tarantal

A Massachusetts family now has a new ride, which came as a big surprise, and it will make a big difference.

Jim and Tracey Rudenick, of Billerica, received a spacious van that seats seven people after adopting their three granddaughters: Chloe, Kylie and Lexie.

“It’s very hard for a grandparent to do this because you have to change your whole life,” Tracey Rudenick said of adopting her granddaughters.

“It’s just nice knowing now we have a safe vehicle,” she added. “I’m just, like, so overwhelmed with all this. It’s just amazing.”

The van was a gift from Jim Marshall, owner of Marshall’s Auto Body Experts in Billerica. Before he met the Rudenick family, Marshall had the idea of gifting a vehicle to a family in need.

“Being a Rotarian has taught me that one of the biggest things about giving is ‘Givers Gain,'” Marshall said. “So it’s almost like a selfish feeling that you feel good when you do good for other people.”

Marshall turned to a local interfaith organization to identify a deserving family, while Plymouth Rock Assurance provided him with the van, which was totaled.

“We built the automobile. Then I reached out to other local garages: one next door to us, one down the street and one down the road in the other direction,” Marshall said.

The tuned-up Toyota is as good as new with replacement parts that Marshall paid for, donated tires and free repairs. The Rudenicks even received enough money to cover fuel, routine service and auto insurance for an entire year.

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